The Lightssy Story

We Know String Lights. In fact, we wrote the blog on it.

The Lightssy team believes in providing our customers with better String Lights – a more valuable and better quality product, earned rather than bought. Lightssy is made up of passionate individuals who are focused on their mission is to help you own string lights excellently that sparkles up your love, family, and friendship

Our founding

Lightssy was founded by Riwick team in 2017. It was originally a lighting wholesale website that provides B2B lighting services for global users. However, due to the increase of public demand, Lightssy allows you, beloved customers, to buy high-quality and affordable string lights directly from the factory.


In the early days, Lightssy’s main business was wholesale. Among them, the Riwick team learned a lot of product problems encountered by many users such as the light bulb does not illuminate well, the solar panel is inefficient, the socket does not meet the standard, and more.

These problems often bring unpleasant experiences to customers and leave you with unsatisfactory feeling. Our team is dedicated to solving these dilemmas and provide more efficient and stable string lights for you.


Conducting the business in a wholesale manner will be difficult to provide you with a 100% guarantee solution. This prompt the team to change the model and sales supported by our years of sourcing experience you can be assured that Lightssy team has good control over the product inspection and factory evaluation.

From dozens of string lights factories, the team has sifted out one factory as our final partner making the product optimized and even added USB charging to the solar panel in for the solar string lights.

Through this, string lights can stay bright on cloudy or rainy days, leaving you with bright and radiating lights. In addition to this, the bulb shell is formed from traditional glass instead of explosion-proof plastic material, while the glass enclosure will have brighter light and temperature.

All the products we have passed the UL certification, IOS certification, and more. With this being said, you can trust us to deliver satisfactory products to light up and brighten up your room with safety.

A New Leaf

With work is in full swing, we made particular adjustments in 2019 wherein we shifted from wholesale website to retail website and sells only to the US market.

Since Lightssy is dedicated to providing excellent string lights for you, we have released two series of 4 products, will continuously add more products, and increase sales in other countries and regions in the future.

The products can be shipped to our California warehouse to easily and quickly transport the products to you.

In the future, you can look forward to us to carry out more preferential activities and optimize products that meet your demands.

To Infinity and Beyond!

You may decorate your courtyards, cafes, and restaurants to a brighter and lighter with our own products!

You can be assured that Lightssy will light up you in the dark, bring you happiness and love.

Let Lightssy be a part of your life.

Where Does the Name “Lightssy” Come From?

“Lightssy’s name is influenced by our own business, as a sourcing team for many years. Our team is committed to reducing the weight of our valued customers’ business, saving time and money. From the beginning, we thought about how to buy string lights easier.”

— Riwick Team